Cricket White describes how near-disaster pitched her into working with Hope in the Cities.
Norwegian Resistance veteran Leif Hovelsen travels to Germany to try and make peace with his former Nazi jailer.
When Omnia Marzouk, a consultant paediatrician in Liverpool, visited India, she discovered another side to her history.
The writer has asked to remain anonymous.
Liberian peace-worker Samuel Doe describes how an encounter with a starving child changed the course of his life.
My life was not satisfying but I felt it would get better once I got to the top. My feelings of fear and insecurity were but a price to pay on my way up.
For a good part of my life I existed in no man's land, possessed with the desire to be normal and left alone, brewing the poison of self-pity in reaction to the day's character assassination.
Dejazmatch Gebreyohannes Tesfamariam was a Minister of State under the Emperor of Ethiopia. He later became a senior Provincial Councillor in Eritrea.
I was expecting a baby. My health was not at all good: high blood pressure, nose bleeds, fainting fits, anaemia. My doctor's advice was categorical: I must have an abortion, there was no chance of childbirth.
`One day I packed my bags and disappeared.