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Five weeks in a refugee camp in Western Ethiopia shattered Fiona Leggat's stereotypes.
One in 264 people alive today has had to flee their home. While millions struggle in refugee camps, others bang on the doors of Western nations asking for asylum. Mary Lean examines a crisis which tests our humanity at the turn of the Millennium.
Ten years after the fall of the Wall, Michael Smith visits Berlin and meets the woman charged with bringing down the barriers between the city's multi-racial communities:
Yukihisa Fujita is a Member of the Japanese House of Representatives and the Deputy Director General of the Democratic Party of Japan's Global Citizens' Bureau.
A tree planting ceremony honoured the nearly 2000 refugees housed at Caux during World War II
For the second time in his life, former Laotian diplomat Tianethone Chantharasy is a political exile. He and his wife Viengxay tell John Bond and Peter Thwaites how they narrowly escaped death.
The office is that of a typical academic at a `red brick' university, sparsely furnished, shelves with files and books.
Dang Thi Hai spent five months in prison under the Vietnamese - and eight years seeking permission to leave her country. But her most difficult months came after she arrived in Britain, her country of asylum. `You struggle to get out of what seems to be a difficult situation. You want freedom. Then you get it - and you have to find something new to live for.

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