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Conflict resolution
Christians, Muslims and Jews have in the past waged war on each other and thought themselves justified in doing so.
Michael Brown reports on a month sent in a conference centre half way up a Swiss mountain, where people from many countries gathered to `free the forces of change'.
Derry's city walls loomed over the Bogside. Some wanted to destroy those symbols of 350 years of oppression, but Paddy felt they could be seen, not as a noose, but as a necklace, enclosing `a learning cell for something new'.
The Oxford Illustrated History of Ireland Edited by RF Foster Oxford University PressDr Roddy Evans
How did the inhabitants of Sri Lanka, calling themselves Sinhalese, Tamils and Muslims, come to believe that `our people' did not comprise all of the people living on the island?
My wife and I come from a background of privilege and Protestantism - and are grateful for our heritage. But we have to face the fact that many react quite differently to that tradition.
The train was stopped by angry villagers who came looking for Sikh passengers. I confronted the mob and tried to reason with them. They got angry and assaulted me.