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Conflict resolution
I notice him spreading a mat on the floor to commence his morning prayers according to his religion, Islam. From this moment on, I know that this summer in Caux will bring a new experience.
How do we react when we are treated unjustly, when we are pinned down, when we are shown, sometimes by force, that our will does not matter because someone else’s might is stronger?
On the streets of Bristol, UK, one woman is fighting crime with a silent force. Stan Hazell finds out more.
Kadi Fakondo's job involves overseeing complaints from the public, community relations, and discipline and internal investigations.
Europe will not find the way forward by avoiding conflict, but by transforming it, maintains Brian Walker.
Stan Hazell talks to Teame Mebrahtu —a refugee who has devoted his life to education.
The harrowing pictures of starving children may seem a million miles away from the peace and beauty of the Swiss mountains. But Mountain House in the village of Caux, high above Lake Geneva, holds a key to the resolution of such tragedies.
Retired Vicar Donald Reeves' thoughts turned to Europe and he worked with others to create the Banja Luka Civic Forum.
Former submarine commander Douglas Johnston believes that religion is 'the missing dimension of statecraft'. He tells his story to Bob Webb.
There are plenty of well intentioned heads of government, and any number of enlightened statutes. But creating the perfect world cannot be imposed from on top.